Two bespoke empire lampshades manufactured by Luxe & Humble

Handmade Bespoke Lampshades

Nothing can quite add the same warmth & polish to a room as a custom lampshade. While many homes house beautiful cushions and throws, exceptional lampshades are often forgotten.
You can place them on a table lamp or floor lamp, hang them from the ceiling as a pendant or have a matching pair. The possibilities are endless as are selection options when your have your lampshades custom made. 

While there are many beautiful lampshades available to purchase online, finding the exact colour, size and shape that you want can be quite a challenge. This is where Luxe & Humble are able to offer you our bespoke lampshade manufacturing service. 
Custom empire lampshade manufactured by Luxe & Humble in a Nine Muses by Tigger Hall fabric.

So how exactly does our custom lampshade service work? 

There are a few steps... 

First and foremost - we determine 'What is the lampshade for?'

Do you have a base that you just require a new shade for? Do you have an existing shade that you would like recovered? Do you need us to help you source a base and shade to work together? Are you hoping to use the shade as a pendant or ceiling light?
Once we have an understanding as to where and how you are going to use your lampshade we are able to help you to determine the best size, shape and the required fittings (our shades come with an adaptable washer suitable for both Australian & European fittings). 
Here at Luxe & Humble we can manufacture most any lampshade you can imagine, from pleated lampshades, to rounded rectangular lampshades. Most frequently we manufacture Drum & Empire Lampshades - while these shades are fully customisable we generally work to approximately the following:
Diagram of standard sizing of Luxe & Humble's custom drum and bespoke empire lampshades
Now we have the determined what size and shape lampshade you require, it is time to choose the perfect fabric! 
Fabric for lampshades generally needs to be mid to light weight, you need to consider how the light will diffuse through the shade and what it will look like when the lamp is both on and off. 
The joy of a custom shade means that you are able to choose fabric which compliments your existing styling, furniture and soft furnishings. You can choose to match it with another piece you may have, or select a fabric completely different. 
If you have a chosen an empire shaped shade you will need to keep in mind the fact that geometric patterns will wrap around the shade (with it being thinner at the top) and therefore, you may lose the clean lines that you were hoping for. This can irritate some people or be a feature for others. We can also place the material on the bias so that the pattern doesn't run parallel to the top and bottom of the shade which, particularly in a check, looks amazing. 
Once you have made all of your selections we will get to work creating the masterpiece that is your new lampshade.

Cleaning your lampshade:

To ensure that your shade stays looking as beautiful as the day you received it, we recommend regularly vacuuming the fabric to remove any dust and debris and giving the inside of the lampshade a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any insect residue. 

Last, but definitely not least enjoy your new shade and the compliments it solicits!
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