Sourcing, designing, manufacturing... we can help!

Do you have a quirky corner you just can't find the right piece for? Do you have a vision in mind for the 'perfect' couch - but can't find it anywhere? Are you finding it difficult to source the right lampshade or just want something different from everything out there? 

At Luxe & Humble we offer a complete sourcing service. From cushions to couches, we will either source you the perfect piece, or arrange to have it custom made.

Whether you just need help to find gorgeous fabric so we can make you some custom pillows and lampshades, or if you need us to track down a very specific antique, we do the leg work to bring your vision to life!

Pop your details & some specifics as to what you are looking for and your budget below and we will reach out to you to arrange a video call to discuss your needs.

Sourcing is charged $40 + GST per hour + the cost of product/s sourced.

Please provide as much information as possible!