Restored timber & rattan three seat couch

Timber & Rattan Restoration Project

Here at Luxe & Humble we are most passionate about restoring tired and dated pieces of furniture in order for them to be loved once more. 

Recently we were approached to source, supply, restore & reupholster some timber chairs for a formal lounge room in a new build. 

The client was looking for something that was suitable for a formal, adults lounge, but also hardy enough to stand up to use by her three small children. She loved neutral and natural colours and timbers and was already considering a rattan bedhead for their master bed. 

We had recently sourced some timber and rattan chairs and our lovely customer fell in love with a single armchair (which will go in her bedroom) and a 3 seater for the formal lounge. 

Timber & Rattan 3 Seater - Before image - from the frontTimber & Rattan 3 Seater - Before Photo - Image from the side
Images: The Timber & Rattan 3 seat couch - Before
Timber & Rattan Armchair - before - from the frontBefore - Timber & Rattan Armchair
Images: The Timber & Rattan Armchair - Before

Both of these chairs had seen better days. While structurally they were beautifully sound, the rattan was damaged and the chairs were both covered in a red high gloss finish that completely obscured the timber below. 

The client was quite keen to have a lighter timber finish and so the process began. 

Step 1 - Remove the old upholstery

Removal of the existing upholstery on the single timber & rattan armchair
Image: Removal of the upholstery on the single armchair

Removing the old upholstery is an exciting part of the process. You often find old coins, sometimes old newspapers and almost certainly fabric from at least two different decades! In this instance the armchair only had one fabric on it, but we had to dig through three separate layers on the 3 seater to get back to raw. 

Step 2 - Strip as much of the old stain off as possible

Once the old upholstery has been removed, the next step is to determine the best way to strip as much of the old stain from the furniture as possible. For these two chairs we used a natural paint stripper.

Single timber & rattan armchair covered in paint stripper
Image: Single timber & rattan armchair covered in stripper

We applied the stripper and we wrapped the chairs in cling film, once the old stain was soft and lifting we used plastic scrapers to remove the majority of the stain. 

Step 3: Sanding

After we scrapped as much of the old stain off as possible there was still remnant stripper and stain. To remove this we used coarse steel wool, then medium steel wool and finally fine steel wool to fully sand the piece back to bare timber. 

Timber & Rattan armchair - fully sanded
Image: Timber & Rattan armchair fully sanded back

Step 4 - Deciding on the best finish for the chair's new home

Once the chair is back to it's raw state it is ready to refinish. At this point we generally have a conversation with the new owner as to how the chair will be used and what sort of finish they are hoping to achieve, as well as how hardy the new finish will need to be! 

Step 5 - Replace the rattan with new rattan

New rattan having just been fitting to the 3 seater timber & rattan couch

And wallah! The timber restoration is finished and the chairs are ready for upholstery!

3 Seater - After: 

After - 3 Seater Timber & Rattan CouchAfter - Timber & Rattan 3 Seater Couch

Armchair - After:

After - Timber & Rattan Armchair

 If you have any enquiries about furniture that you would like restored. Please email photos of them through to with some details as to what you are hoping to achieve. 

We currently have some similar chairs in stock if you would love to own some timber & rattan Luxe & Humble chairs for yourself. 

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