2 large, 1 medium & 2 small jars of Rustic Aussie Tomato Relish sitting on a bench.

Rustic Aussie Tomato Relish

This Rustic Aussie Tomato Relish is my favourite condiment. Delicious for breakfast on bacon & eggs, lunch on a roast beef sandwich and dinner on steak!

Throughout the year I collect glass jars and every Christmas I make LOTS of batches of this relish to gift to family, friends, teachers and tradesmen! 

On the rare occasion that I have failed to include relish in our family Christmas hampers I have been specially requested to make a jar.

My children also complain for 10 months of the year that I haven't made any and 'can't I make some even when it is not Christmas as technically it isn't Christmas food!' 

This recipe makes approximately 1kg of relish - about 5 medium sized jars.


1.5kgs tomatos
.5kg onions
2 tbl spoons salt (I use pink himalayan)
3 tea spoons curry powder
1 tbl spoon mustard powder
1/3 tea spoon chilli powder
2 cups malt vinegar


1. Wash tomato's and chop (with skin on) and place in a sealed plastic container, sprinkle with 1 tbl spoon of salt and seal - place in the fridge overnight. 

1.5kgs of chopped tomato's in a white Tupperware bowl sprinkled with salt.

2. Peel & dice onions 
and place in a sealed plastic container, sprinkle with 1 tbl spoon of salt and seal - place in the fridge overnight. 

500g onions diced in a blue Tupperware container and sprinkled with salt.

3. Tip the tomato's & onions into a large pot and add all of sugar (2 cups), stir, dissolving the sugar as you bring to the boil.
Add the tomato's, onions & sugar to a large pot.

4. Once boiling, place the powdered ingredients (curry, mustard & chilli) into a jug, slowly mix in 1/2 a cup of the malt vinegar until all of the powder is dissolved and then tip into the pot. Swish the remaining 1 and a 1/2 cups of vinegar in the jug and then tip into the pot, ensuring all the seasoning winds up in the pot!
Mustard powder, chilli powder, curry powder & malt vinegar in a Tupperware jug.

5. Bring the contents of the pot back to the boil, place lid on the pot and boil over a low heat for 50 minutes. 
Cooked Rustic Aussie Tomato Relish still in the pot ready to thicken.

6. The relish will still be quite runny at this stage, and while it will taste delicious, I highly recommend thickening it with 3 heaped tea spoons of corn flour mixed with JUST enough malt vinegar to be able to mix the mixture. Add this mixture to the relish while still on the heat and stir, as soon as it thickens remove it from the heat. 
Corn flour and malt vinegar mixture for thickening

7. Last but not least bottle your relish. You will need to do this while your relish is still hot, but be careful because it will be very hot. Ensure you temper (warm) your sterilised jars before adding the relish or the glass is likely to break. I like to run my jars through the dishwasher (with a load) while I cook my relish and bottle the relish while the jars are still hot. 


  • Beware the hot relish - the tomato/onion/sugar mix will burn. 
  • This relish stains - if you have a light coloured stone bench or splash back clean any spills ASAP.

How to enjoy: 

Really your options are endless by my favourites are: 


  • Spooned onto bacon/ham & eggs on toast
  • Spread on a savoury muffin
  • Spread on your brekky wrap


  • On your sandwich (any sandwich)
  • On sweet potato & zucchini fritters 


  • On your steak with a side of salad
  • On grilled chicken
  • On a burger

It is also scrumptious mixed into some mayo as a chip dipping sauce! 

Enjoy xx

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