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  • Double ended chaise lounge - front view
  • Double ended chaise lounge - carving detail close up
  • Double ended chaise lounge - up close view
  • Double ended chaise lounge - back view
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Luxe & Humble

Double Ended Chaise Lounge

This chaise lounge has most certainly seen better days and is presently accompanied by pigeon poo, not bespoke cushions, however, we see huge potential in this piece. 

Being double-ended it would add a classic & elegant but comfortable solution for a lounge - absolutely perfect for lounging in luxury. The back is almost as pretty as the front, so it would not need to be placed against a wall but would be perfect in an open plan living area where you were wanting to use a lounge to delineate spaces. 

The timber & current finish have a few imperfections (a couple of scratches and gouges), but really they are minor, for the most part, the timber is in excellent condition. With this in mind, you could choose to leave the timber as is (we will give it a very good clean) and simply reupholster this piece. Alternately, the timber could be completely stripped back and refinished however you please. 

For the upholstery, you can choose any fabric you like! We will work with you to understand your, taste, lifestyle, and the space you wish to incorporate this piece into to help you to find the perfect fabric. We will then facilitate the entire restoration project and you will receive your custom finished piece!

While the price says "$0.00" that is not the case. If you are interested in these pieces please reach out to us via the contact form below - ensuring you copy and paste the product name into the form so we can get in touch to provide you a quote for this stunning couch. 

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