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Luxe & Humble

Timber & Rattan 3 Seat Couch

We currently have one of these gorgeous Timber & Rattan couches available.

With the ability to lighten the colour of the timber by removing the existing dark stain, & by replacing the existing rattan with new lighter raw rattan, you could have a modern, timeless, addition to your home. 

We think that it would look amazing with lighter timber & a beautiful blue gingham, or perhaps with a stunning floral. 

She could comfortably grace opposite sides of a formal sitting room or they would make a stunning addition to a veranda or sunroom that was protected from the elements. 

While the price says "$0.00" that is not the case. If you are interested in these pieces please reach out to us via the contact form below - ensuring you copy and paste the product name into the form so we can get in touch to provide you a quote for this stunning couch. 

Please copy and paste the name of the product into this form & we will contact you with details to purchase